C3 iCard 2018

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C3 ICard 2018

Video and Audio recordings of all 2018 C3 Conference Sessions.

Missed any sessions over conference that you really wanted to hear?

Know anyone that couldn't make it this year and missed out? 

Or was there so much good teaching that you couldn't write it all down fast enough? 

If this sounds like you, then get your C3 2018 ICard today and enjoy all the great moments of conference at home!

Or why not buy another one as a gift for a friend or family member. 


  • All Presence Conference ("Freedom is Here") Sessions 2018
  • Master Classes Sessions 2018 (Audio Files Only)
  • Realmen Sessions 2018 (Audio Files Only)
  • Everywoman ("Crowned" The 20th Anniversary) Sessions 2018

So that's all our conferences for the whole year in one spot!

All this for only $79!


Purchase the Album Bundle and get all the conference recordings + C3 Music's 2018 Album "PILGRIMS" (Audio Files Only) for only an extra $20